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Welcome to Bygone Souls, the community focusing on those who believe their souls are of ancient DNA -- in other words, therianthropes (or simply those with an animal past) with spiritual ties to primitive or extinct animals.

This community is for friendly discussion (but that doesn't mean not serious!) about the topics of therianthropy, spirituality, reincarnation and personal experiences, etc. in regard to the theme of 'Bygone Souls'.

Of course, simple rules apply:
-Try to keep on topic! ;)
-No advertisements, links or art postings that aren't at actually relevant to extinct animals, therianthropy, reincarnation, etc.
-Keep it fairly clean... under-age users may come here too.
-You can't forget the no flaming rule -- respect others beliefs, because beliefs, being what they are, will be varied. Heated discussion = good, personal attacks = not.
-Most importantly, have fun, talk, learn, yadda yadda! :)

-Your fumbling and confused moderator, dawnofself